We haven’t done shit lately!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 2, 2009 by awesomecooldudes

I turned 30, and now I feel sort of motivated.   Maybe something might happen soon! 

Are we still a band?

Posted in Uncategorized on January 16, 2009 by awesomecooldudes

You bet that delicious ass of yours we are!

It’s been a while since we’ve said whaaaaazup.  So whaaaaaaazup!?

We’ve been busy recording the soundtrack to your sex life, and you are one twisted fuck! It’s taking us forever.  Make up your mind what you like!!

What else have we been doing??

Nate1 joined the band Diagonals.  They went on tour with the Octopus Project a lil bit ago. New album out on monofonus press. CD release show is in febuary (details soon) .  It’s great.  I’m listening to it as I type this.



Nate2 got engaged, got a puppy, and a sweet van.  He’s playing in when dinosaurs ruled the earth  and expensive shit.  Speaking of you should head over to the chalk circle mega store to pick up the dinos new cd not noiice.


I (cory) have been growing a beard in preparation of the world beard and mustache championships to be held in Alaska on May 23rd 2009.   I moved into a psychedelic love shack (cold as fuck btw), and I’m also playing in Dinos and xxx $hit.


Here are some videos….

Diagonals performing in Houston

Expensive Shit blowing minds with our post-shitgaze magic

welcome back to the fold.

Norwegian Lover

Posted in Songs on January 15, 2009 by awesomecooldudes

Here is an outtake from our not too distant future album.   It’s kinda like abba sang by a broken hearted little bitch (me at the time).




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